Drill Rod & Core Barrel Workshop

The drill rod workshop (Spanning over 5,000 square meters) features a fully automated production line that uses more than 100 sets of large or medium sized production equipment and CNC machining equipment, including a pipe straightness measuring device, CNC machine tool and a 1000 ton pipe end upsetting machine, among others. The pipe straightness measuring machine was independently developed by us, and uses a 4 point laser technology in order to automatically measure the straightness of pipes for maximum efficiency and highest possible yield. (test an average of 1,000 pipes every day ) (measurement accuracy : 0.1mm-0.2mm.)The double systems CNC machine tool is used to process both ends of the pipe in order to keep threads on both ends linear. (Concentricity error <0.2mm ,length < 1mm) The 1000 ton pipe end upsetting machine is designed with a dual heating system. (Temperature :0 - 1400¡æ ; diameter < 200mm) Within the geographical exploration equipment industry, we are the only company that owns the equipment specifically used for thickening oil drill rods.

(Drill rig assembly line: testing, assembling, debugging, washing and packaging)

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