Drill Rod & Core Barrel Workshop
Interior View

    This workshop is equipped with CNC lathes, precise processing machines, pipe straightness measuring devices, dual-system CNC machine tool, pipe end upsetting machines and automatic production lines etc. It has an area of over 5,000m2.

Raw Material Warehouse

    3,000 tons of raw materials are stored in the warehouse throughout the year. They are all sourced from Shanghai Baoshan Iron and Steel Plant to ensure high quality.

  • Testing the quality of raw materials

  • Thickness testing

Production Equipment

    CNC Lathe
    Here at Geotec, we use 14 CNC lathes to produce 2,000 meters of threaded drill rods every day.

  • Precise Processing Machine
    The machining accuracy reaches less than 0.01mm.

  • The tool holder is fixed to ensure a high repeated positioning accuracy.

  • Dual-System CNC Machine Tool
    We are the only company that owns the dual-system CNC machine tool.

  • 800-Ton Pipe End Upsetting Machine
    A dual heating system is available. The pipe with a diameter of less than 200mm can be thickened.

  • Automatic Drill Rod Production Line
    We can produce 200 threaded drill rods each day.

Finished Product Warehouse

    Finished Product Warehouse

  • All end products must be tested to ensure no radioactive element is contained.

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