The impregnated diamond bit is made of high-quality diamond from USA-based GE Company and Korea-based ILJIN Company. Its drilling efficiency can be 5 times higher than that of an ordinary drill bit.

    The surface-set diamond reaming shell is constructed using high-end natural diamond from Belgium and South Africa. It is available in various specifications to cater for your needs.

    Our drill rod is made using S135 steel material. It has a drilling capacity of over 18,000 meters.

    All core barrels have been processed by our Hardinge CNC machining center to ensure high precision and superior quality.

    The surface core drill rig is hydraulically operated. All hydraulic components are sourced from world-renowned brands or decided by our clients.

    The HDD drill pipe is made using S135 steel materials from Baosteel and other well-known companies. It is a weldless product that can offer superb mechanical properties.

    Water Swivel for Surface and Underground Application

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