(All our raw materials are sourced from Shanghai Baoshan Iron and Steel Plant. Before entering the warehouse, they will undergo the composition analysis, heat treatment and metallographic analysis and other processes to ensure the qualifications and quality. All our end products are qualified, safe and stable. They will not contain any radioactive element, making the safe for human interaction.)

Geotec’s diamond drill bits are made from synthetic and natural diamond and polycrystalline materials. The synthetic diamond is purchased from companies both at home and abroad, from places including the United States and United Kingdom in order to support the geology and mineral exploration industry. The use of a specific mathematical formula allows each diamond to be strategically placed on the drill bit in order to offer the absolute best drilling effect.

Made ofnatural &synthetic diamond, the reamer is primarily used to make the drill size complaint with related standards. It not only increases the stability of the drill rod, but it also protects the lower portion of the drill rod from abrasion.

Made using S135 steel materials, the drill rod can be used simultaneously with a hydraulic core drilling rig. Its threaded surface has undergone special treatment, treatment ( Surface hardness up to 50HRC), making it extremely wear resistant. ( Thanks to a highly wear resistant surface, our drill rod works extremely well to a depth of 15,000 meters. Its mechanical property and lifespan can be respectively 1.5 times and twice higher than those of the other similar products. ) The threaded connections are tightly sealed in order to withstand a pressure up to 15Mpa, ensuring there will be no leaks.

The co barrel is used to sample cores in the diamond drilling process. It is made using high quality alloy steel, and has undergone hardening, tempering, hard chromium plating and other processes in order to extend the service life to twice that of common drilling tools.

The core drilling rig is hydraulically operated in order to offer a stable performance. It can be used for drilling in all weather conditions, and harsh outdoor environments.

The HDD drill pipes use a continuous rotation and pressure welding technique to achieve a seamless connection and improved mechanical properties. The horizontal directional drilling tools (otherwise known as HDD drilling tools) include the save sub, reamer, swivel, pull tab, drill bit and cutter, among other aspects.

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